Creamy Dream: Dive into Roasted Tomato Soup Extravaganza

Creamy Dream: Dive into Roasted Tomato Soup Extravaganza 1

Dive into a creamy dream with the indulgence of roasted tomato soup. Caramelized sweetness, garlic, and herbs create an exquisite bowl of comfort and extravagance.

Roasted Tomato Soup in a white bowl on a wooden cutting board.

Notes of caramelized sweetness and acidic tang blend perfectly with garlic, onion, and a heaping of fresh herbs. Top it off with a dab of maple syrup to sweeten things up and a bit of half and half to get that creamy texture you crave and you’ve got a bowl of happiness just waiting to be devoured.

Eat it alone for a light yet satisfying lunch, or pair it with your favorite grilled cheese or our egg florentine toasted sandwich for a filling dinner. Either way, we suggest doubling the recipe, because you won’t be able to get enough of this flavor-packed tomato soup.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • One pot simplicity. Assuming you have roasted tomatoes on hand, this easy recipe requires only one pot for easy cleanup.
  • Perfect lunch or weeknight meal. This amazing soup takes less than 30 minutes to throw together for a satisfying meal in less time.
  • Warms you from the inside out. A dish of childhood but with flavors that are all grown up, this tomato soup is both comforting and reinvigorating.
  • Healthy and satisfying. Filled with vegetables and flavor, this is one nutrient-packed meal you won’t mind throwing together.

How to Make Roasted Tomato Soup

As long as you have your roasted tomatoes premade, this soup is a snap to put together. It only requires one pot and a handful of steps. Let’s take a quick look at how to make this Roasted Tomato Soup—one of my favorite soup recipes ever!

Ingredients for oven roasted tomato soup arranged on a cutting board.

Key Ingredients

  • Fresh Tomatoes, Home Roasted. These are the stars of the dish. I like to use San Marzanos but Roma tomatoes or other plum tomatoes work well, too. If you want a little more sweetness in your soup, add a handful of cherry tomatoes to the roasting sheet as well.
  • Garlic. A lesser actor in this dish, garlic still plays an important role by bringing out the savory notes of the tomatoes. I only use one clove, but if you like garlic, feel free to toss in as many garlic cloves as you want.
  • Fresh Herbs. Topping this amazing soup with fresh herbs adds a whole new level of yum. I prefer a mix of fresh basil leaves, oregano, rosemary, and thyme, but don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Half and Half. This ingredient is key to making this a creamy tomato soup. You can substitute heavy cream for a super creamy option or full-fat coconut milk for a vegan take.
  • Maple Syrup. This addition is key to cutting the acidity of the tomatoes. If you use some roasted cherry tomatoes in the mix, you won’t need as much maple syrup.
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Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Brown the butter. Once you smell that nutty scent, immediately pull the pot off the heat.

Onions and garlic simmering in butter in a pot on a wooden cutting board with a jar of vegetable stock.

2. Add the onion and garlic. Return to heat and cook until the onions are translucent.

3. Add the roasted tomatoes and vegetable broth and simmer.

Roasted tomatoes and vegetable broth in a pot on a wooden cutting board.

4. Transfer to a blender or use an immersion blender. Blend until your desired consistency is reached.

An immersion blender in a pot mixing up some tomato soup on top of a wooden cutting board.

5. Season to taste. Add maple syrup, salt, and pepper as needed.

Drizzling a bit of maple syrup into a pot of tomato soup.

6. Serve with half and half. And the cream directly to the soup in the bowls then top with fresh herbs.

Roasted tomato soup garnished with basil, half and half, and maple syrup.

Recipe Tips and Variations

  • Let the browned butter cool. Once the butter browns, be sure to remove it from the heat and let it cool while you add the garlic and onion. Butter burns quickly so watch it carefully.
  • Use an immersion blender. Rather than dirtying another container, use an immersion blender to blend your soup in the original pot. Start on low then switch to high mode to get that silky smooth consistency.
  • Make it vegan. Swap out regular butter for vegan butter and use full-fat coconut milk instead of half and half to make this soup vegan.
  • Get creative with the toppings. Fresh herbs make for a good, clean dressing. But you can get even more creative by using parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, roasted rosemary, and/or homemade croutons.
  • Take extra time preparing the tomatoes. When roasting your tomatoes, be sure to keep the Romas or Marzonos whole so they retain their juices. Spread them out in a single layer and drizzle with plenty of olive oil and seasoning before putting them in the oven.
  • Mix it up. One of my favorite ways to dress up this easy recipe is to add red bell peppers to the baking sheet and blend them into the final puree. Substituting chicken broth in place of veggie broth also adds to the character of this yummy soup.

Make Ahead and Storage Recommendations

This soup is super easy to make ahead of time. Simply follow the directions and stop after the blending step, then place the soup in an airtight container and store it in the fridge. It will last up to five days.

To reheat, pour the soup into a pot and cook on the stovetop on medium heat, stirring frequently. Once it’s heated through, add the maple syrup and spices as desired. Then serve in bowls and add the half and half and herbs.

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For quicker prep, you can reheat the soup in the microwave. Get it nice and hot then add the half and half once it’s done cooking.

This soup can also be frozen for long-term storage. You want to freeze the blended soup before adding any dairy for best results.

Store in freezer-safe containers in the freezer for up to six months.

Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to five days. They keep best if you don’t mix the tomato base and cream before storing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my tomato soup separating?

Tomato puree is very acidic. When mixed with dairy, curdling can cause the two liquids to separate. To avoid this common issue, don’t add dairy to your puree until you are ready to serve it.

What can I add to tomato soup to make it less acidic?

If you happen to get a batch of very acidic tomatoes, you might need to cut that acidity in your soup. This can be done by adding a sprinkle of baking soda, which is very basic, to the mix. Adding maple syrup will also help balance the acidic flavor of the tomatoes.

How do I thicken my tomato soup?

Watery tomatoes can create a watery soup. If your mix is thinner than you want, try cooking it a little longer to thicken it up. Keep in mind that adding cream will also help thicken the soup.

Roasted Tomato Soup in a white bowl with a wooden background.

Serving Suggestions

There is nothing better than tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, but that isn’t the only pairing worth trying. Here are a few of the recipes that pair exceptionally well with this soup.

Roasted Tomato Soup

This delicious roasted tomato soup features garlic, onion, fresh herbs, and the rich, decadent flavor of roasted tomatoes. It’s the perfect bowl of comfort for lunch or dinner.

Prep Time1 hour 30 minutes

Cook Time25 minutes

Total Time1 hour 55 minutes

Course: Main Course

Cuisine: American

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Diet: Gluten Free, Vegetarian

Keyword: tomato soup

Servings: 4

Calories: 115kcal

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  • 2 tbsp. butter can be vegan
  • ½ onion chopped
  • 1 garlic clove minced
  • 6-8 roasted tomatoes
  • 2 cups vegetable stock
  • 1 tbsp. maple syrup
  • ½ cup half-and-half
  • fresh herbs
  • Heat a large saucepan to medium and add the butter. Cook it for 2-3 minutes, just until it starts to brown and there’s a nutty smell (careful, it burns very easily).
  • Remove immediately from the stove top and add onion, and garlic. Stir until the temperature of the butter has lowered and return the pot to the stove top.
  • Cook for 6-7 minutes or until the onions start to get translucent.
  • Add the roasted tomatoes and vegetable broth, cook for 5-10 minutes more.
  • Transfer to a blender (or use an immersion blender) and process until it’s soft and creamy.
  • Adjust seasoning and add a bit of maple syrup.
  • Serve in bowls with half and half and fresh herbs.
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Calories: 115kcal | Carbohydrates: 7g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 9g | Saturated Fat: 6g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.4g | Monounsaturated Fat: 3g | Trans Fat: 0.2g | Cholesterol: 26mg | Sodium: 539mg | Potassium: 73mg | Fiber: 0.3g | Sugar: 5g | Vitamin A: 548IU | Vitamin C: 2mg | Calcium: 43mg | Iron: 0.1mg


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